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We desire for everyone who wants a book to be able to have one and if anyone has any hindrance in attaining the book they can email us to get a free electronic copy. We are practicing a gift economy process with this. This means that any amount that you can contribute for the e-book will be accepted and if you cannot contribute any amount at this time that is okay as well. For us, our longing, with this work is for this book to be available to anyone who wants to connect with its message. We want this to be available to all as a resource!  If would like to receive a free e-book or contribute an amount for the e-book Principles and Practices of Nonviolence: 30 Meditations for Practicing Compassion fill out the contact form below.

Review copies are also available to educators (instructors, educators or committee chairpersons) who wish to review a text for possible class adoption.

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